Your handy
shopping App

Conveniently purchase items across a
variety of retail scenarios through one
simple easy-to-use App

Download and enjoy this completely new experience for both the shopper & the retailer

See it, Scan it, Own it.

In-store efficiency, customer convenience.

Simple steps to shopping on your phone

Download the App and shop with convenience

Choose how you buy

Either simply scan the product barcodes or QR Code in the store, or from a promotional display, or search for your item online

Review your basket items and pay

Once you have all your items added to your basket, review your list and instantly pay with your registered credit card

Take, collect later, or deliver

Finally, choose your way of receiving
your product:
– take it home right away
– wait and collect it later
– or have it delivered.
You choose.

  • Take it
  • Collect it
  • Deliver it

Safe and secure shopping

Payment card information is always encrypted using the
Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS)
and the Payment Application Data Security Standards (PA-DSS)

It’s so easy

Available on iOS and Android,
simply download the App and register

See for yourself with the 90 second film…

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