International expertise,
Local knowledge

The toodle team

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Leadership & Management

Alan Osborne

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
& Chairman

Peter Roest

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Alan Gordon

Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Gareth Purnell

Chief Financial Officer

Sam Harding

Head Franchising

Advisory Board

Saladin Aljurf

Legal Counsel

Hash Ladha

Advisory Board

Supported by operations, business and product development teams in the United Kingdom, India, Australia and the United Arab Emirates

Payar Limited: 6th Floor, Manfield House, 1 Southampton Street, WC2R 0LR, United Kingdom

Payar Technologies FZ-LLC: in5 Tech Innovation Center, Dubai Internet City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The toodle team

International expertise,
Local knowledge

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