About toodle

toodle is the brainchild of founder Alan Osborne and co-founders Peter Roest and Alan Gordon. Passionate about the opportunities for Bricks and Mortar operators in a world of digital innovation, together they identified a seamless solution for business owners and operators in the hospitality, events and retail industries, that answers both existing and post pandemic challenges they face. All to ease the increased pressure on operators’ balance sheets, improve impact to their bottom line and enhance the customer experience.

What makes us stand out?

toodle offers brick and mortar spaces an accelerated solution in the form of a toodle cloud based & app enabled ecosystem providing a capex-free, low opex cost SaaS solution on the mobile phone. Choosing either toodle’s multifaceted in store and online platform for multiple merchants in one app, or a range of merchant webapps, it offers the benefit of an enhanced customer experience to the end consumer, and an efficient, low risk and low-cost solution for the merchant. With its innovative and experienced head office and management team based in the UK & UAE, and world class tech support in both India and the United Kingdom, toodle is perfectly positioned to now expand and share its success globally, through its unique and profitable franchising model.

toodle, time for more.

What we offer

toodle provides merchants with a first of its kind, order management ecosystem, offering its users the highest degree of touchless automation for their outlets and venues, so they can reduce costs and enhance their service proposition.


toodle streamlines

For hospitality and events, customers order and purchase within the toodle apps, meaning quicker ordering and less visits to table required from the merchants front-line employees, resulting in a more efficient way of servicing more customers with your existing staff compliment.

toodle is contactless

For retail, the apps enable customers to scan, pay and fast track their exit from the store. Paying via the stored payment card, or Apple Pay or Google Pay ensures less staff handling of cash or contact with payment machines, and also has the added benefit of less queuing in store payment tills.

toodle is convenient

toodle’s pre-ordering and collection functionality creates not only an added sales channel, but also a more convenient customer experience in the fast paced world we live in today.

toodle is efficient

The merchants ‘Dashboard Management System’ (The toodle Hub) ensures operational control and data driven management capabilities on standard mobile devices.

Why franchise?

The Franchise Industry is in
fantastic shape!

  • The franchise industry in the UK alone contributes to £17 billion to the UK economy – an increase of 46% over the past 10 years
  • Over half of franchises are now declaring an average turnover that exceeds £250,000
  • Employment has continued to increase with one-third of franchises employing 10 or more staff
  • An incredible 97% of franchisees are running in profitability
  • An impressive 91% of franchisees have declared satisfaction with their franchisor
  • 80% of franchised brands are owned and developed

Sourced from the BFA/NatWest Franchise Survey

Franchising is a fantastic way to boost your income whilst being your own boss. With toodle you can be sure that we will be with you every step of the way helping you to build a profitable business alongside our already established and successful brand.

Be your own boss

Few opportunities offer the flexibility of running your own business. The toodle franchise allows you to build the life you deserve!

Benefit from financial support

We have built some excellent relationships with the major lenders in the UK who will support potential franchisees in the UK with their initial franchise fee, subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our contacts at the banks, who can answer any of your questions.

No experience needed

Initial training is comprehensive and time will be spent ensuring that you will be able to manage your own toodle business.

Financial freedom

You will be given tools to operate your business from the outset, which means you have the freedom to reach your potential when you start your business.

The opportunity

Research show that business owners and operators of hospitality and retail outlets with the highest degree of touchless automation in-store, will enjoy a clear competitive advantage. With 53% of global transactions at Point of Sale being contactless within the next 5 years, and customer service speed and transaction safety becoming the top expectation, a new dining and shopping experience is needed.

Franchise model

Our model is built to Franchise and we have developed the Financial Model to scale through this direct sales approach with the right Franchise Partners. Our first key target is 50 Franchisees by the end of 2023 who will generate more new customers but also help their current customers to grow their own sales and increase transaction values.

As a franchisee, you will be gaining access to

  • An innovative idea with international demand
  • A great team consisting of people with diversified intellectual skills and the ability to propel your business to success
  • A strong brand, proven concept and marketing strategy
  • A well-developed product and experience

As a toodle Franchisee, you will be performing a primarily sales and networking role, marketing toodle to prospective merchants, and increasing their earning potential by doing so. Franchisees will enjoy earning an income generated through an agreed percentage of transactions by customer payments to their introduced Merchants thought the toodle app.

Where’s the market opportunity Hospitality – Events – Venues - Retail


Businesses who seek access to the rapidly expanding in-store m-commerce trend in retail and hospitality
Stores with busy queue times
Outdoor venues with roaming serving staff
Operators who have a desire to be a Covid Challenger
Operators who see a need to improve their ease of customer payment
Owners who realise the power of customer data and having the means to directly target market
Owners who wish to lead in their category and/or segment, with a goal to combat competitors or increase market share

Who is already an on-boarded merchant


How quickly can I get started with my toodle franchise?

Every franchise launch is unique and individual, we will work with you to get you up and running as quickly as possible. All our initial training is done on a one-to-one basis and this enables you to get your toodle business off the ground.

How much can I earn in my toodle franchise?

As soon as we have meet you will be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum amongst many other important pieces of information. The FIM comprises of a detailed three-year franchise business plan that provides full revenue, expenditure and profit and loss information.

Can I take trade and professional references on the company?

Or course! Would expect nothing less. The FIM provided at our first face-to-face meeting contains much of our reference material, but we are happy to provide further information that you require in order that you can make an informed decision.

Can I resell in the future?

Yes, you can (on the terms set out in our Franchise Agreement including our approval of the purchaser as a new franchisee). This is generally why most of us start a business in the first place. Should you decide at some point to retire or move on, our franchise agreement is for five years; you therefore have an asset that is resaleable at a premium price.

How can I finance my franchise?

We have built some excellent relationships with the major lenders in the UK who will support potential franchisees with their initial franchise fee, subject to their normal lending criteria. We are more than happy to put you in touch with our contacts at the banks who will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Of particular importance, to those establishing a toodle franchise, we have a loan facility in place with The Start Up Loans Company. This is a UK government lending initiative, where new start franchises can borrow unsecured and at a low rate of interest up to £25,000 for the purchase and establishment of the business. Additional funding is available as required.

Are you right for us?

toodle are looking for ambitious and self-motivated individuals.

You do not need previous experience in the toodle to join our franchise, you will receive all the training you need in order to get setup and running your toodle business successfully.

As a franchisor we will be entering into a partnership with you, which involves significant levels of trust and confidence from both sides. The recruitment process involves a significant investment in time, money and effort with any new franchisee.

Whilst we encourage ideas and innovation, for brand protection it is essential that our system and proven business model is followed by all franchisees.

What’s next?

Looking to take control of
your lifestyle?

If having read through this information and you believe you have the necessary skills and desire to become a toodle franchisee, then you are ready to take your application further!

The next step is to provide you with answers to your questions regarding the franchise and then arrange for you to come and meet the team.

You will also be provided with a confidential Franchise Information Memorandum (FIM) that explains at length the unique operating methods of toodle complete with a projected profit and loss over the first three years of the franchise.


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