Alan Osborne

Founder, Chief Executive Officer
& Chairman

Alan has led large retail brands throughout his career, including Debenhams and Newlook, providing strategic leadership and operational expertise in the UK. As supply chain and supply base director for New Look, Alan was charged with developing a global supply strategy for their 520+ stores in the UK and overseas.

For the past 9 years Alan has been director of Leap Ahead Consulting Ltd, a retail consulting service, and more recently founded Payar Limited, the holding company behind ‘toodle’ the new-to-market retail shopping App.

As an entrepreneur, Alan identified the market need for ‘toodle’ and as founder and Chief Executive Officer at Payar, his vision combined with his up-to-date retail market knowledge motivates the Payar team through the development, piloting and launch of Payar’s new ‘toodle’ shopping solution.

Alan manages the investor relations, and his market knowledge and industry connections support toodle’s fundraising activities.