Unique Paintings and Prints by Award Winning Artist – Andrew Scanlan

Rove Hotels Emerging Artist of the Year 2019

I am a British Artist but have lived and worked in Dubai for the last 20 years. I started playing around with a concept I describe as cellular art about a decade ago but then life, travel, and work distracted me from experimenting with this concept further. In 2015, by chance I found my thoughts returning to the concept of cellular art. I am now prolifically creating images in this style and currently working daily to build my portfolio. Each painting, for me, is a personal challenge. A draining endeavour which can take two months to complete. Some paintings have more than 40,000 cells of Individually mixed portions of acrylic paint.

I design my paintings to work on two levels. Firstly as an abstract. A myriad of coloured cells that only hint at the image they are trying to portray. Then secondly a detailed image that reveals its self with startling clarity.

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