Martin’s Meats

Martin’s Meats has been around since 2013 and started as just a part-time activity supplying produce to friends and family.

Christmas was extremely busy due to word of mouth and this is when Martin decided to pursue this as a growing business. Martin always liked the old idea when the milkman delivered your milk daily and we bought groceries from people we knew on a first-name basis and this is his business model.

He undertakes all first deliveries for new customers himself and many a chat he has with customers over a cup of tea just getting to know them. Being Irish he is full of the “blarney”

Business Model is very simple – “The right product at the right price, delivered with convenience to your front door”

Small margins, happy customers, repeat business and word of mouth referrals

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Contact us on: +971 (0)55-377 8714



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